Iranische Propaganda

Und da wir gerade bei iranischer Propaganda und auf den Leim gehen sind: Die Revolutionsgarden haben nun ihr eigenes Video veröffentlicht, in dem gezeigt wird, was im Persischen Golf tatsächlich passiert sein soll. Da mir bereits der Film der Amerikaner zu langweilig war, habe ich mir die Fälschung der Mullahs gar nicht erst angeschaut. Es reicht aus sich zu lesen, was in dem iranischen Video zu sehen ist, um einzuschätzen wie hervorragend das Video gefälscht wurde:

Press TV said the video, released by Iran's Revolutionary Guards a day after the force dismissed the Pentagon video as fake, included a recording of what it said was the exchange between the two sides.

Guards Brigadier General Ali Fadavi said the Iranian boats had only approached the U.S. ships to examine their registration numbers, Press TV said.

The video showed an Iranian naval officer in a small craft speaking via radio to a ship which could not be clearly identified.

"Coalition warship 73 this (is an) Iranian navy patrol boat," the officer said in accented English.

"This is coalition warship 73. I read you loud and clear," the person replied in what seemed to be an American accent.

The Iranian officer then asked for the ship to identify itself, though his words at times were indistinguishable:

"Coalition warship 73 this (is) Iranian navy patrol boat, request side number ... operating in the area (at) this time."

In contrast, the Pentagon video included a voice from a U.S. ship informing one of the small craft that it was "straying into danger and may be subject to defensive measures."

The craft responded: "You will explode after ... minutes," according to the video.

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