Rache für Mughniyah vorerst verschoben

Nicht, dass die Hisbollah sich nicht für Mughniyah rächen wollte... Aber der ersten Versuch war wohl ein Schuss ins Wasser: Morocco Arrests 23, Including Manar Correspondent, Over Terror Plot.
Moroccan Security forces have dismantled an alleged terror network, arresting 23 people, including Al Manar TV's correspondent, in connection with a plot to carry out attacks in the Kingdom, Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Wednesday.

An investigation by the judicial authorities led to the sweep Monday in the capital Rabat.A security source told Agence France Presse several arms were seized during the raids.

A report by the state-run news agency MAP identified only three suspects: Mustapha Moatassim, the secretary general of a small, legal Islamist party, Al Badil Al Hadari, Mohammed Merouani who heads the illegal Umma Party and the alleged group ringleader Abdelkader Balliraj.

The report said those arrested had ties to radical Islam. It did not specify what type of plots the alleged terror group had been planning.

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