Promote Fire on Quran

Ich glaube, dass es sich hier um die mutigste Aktion handelt, von der ich seit langem gehört habe. Wer es sich traut, im Iran einen Koran anzuzünden, um damit gegen die Mullah-Herrschaft zu protestieren, verdient möglichst viel Aufmerksamkeit:
It is so weird how Moderate Muslims are most worried about Quran and Islam than how Islamic government is violating human rights on daily basis in the name of Islam! There are two possibilities; 1) If Islam instructions are instructing to violate human rights so we have to get rid of it because human right comes first than a cruel Islamic instruction. 2) Moderate Muslims say Islam instructions are good and peaceful but extremists hijacked Islam and minsinterpreted it in the way that serves their objectives. In this case Moderate Muslims should get upset the way that extremist use their religion and they have to react to daily human rights violations. If moderate Muslims don't show their anger to Islamic human right violators so it means Moderate Muslims don't care how Islamic government is violating human rights in Islamic countries. That's why in current situations you will see my protest in a manner that everybody, including moderate Muslims and extremist get my message and think about my frustration which is the daily problem of me and every Iranian people.
Setting fire on Quran is a protest against a government who deals with us, people, based on Quran rules, thus, I have the right to burn the book in this protest. Based on the rules from this book, they oppress me and people in Iran and excuse us that it's Islamic law and we run country based on Quran and Islam laws so I am burning the book of Islam to protest against any human rights violations in the name of religion.
Please promote 'Fire on Quran' and fight against Islamic dictatorship regime of Iran, by placing one of the following images into your weblog/website and link to this site. Thanks.

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