In England wohnte lange Zeit ein Typ namens Omar Bakri, der sowohl Mitglied bei den Muslimbrüdern, als auch bei Hizb'ut Tahrir war. Irgendwann gefiel es ihm dort nicht mehr und er gründete seinen eigenen islamischen Terrorclub, den er Al Mujahiroun nannte und der angeblich Filialen in 21 Ländern hat, unter anderem in den USA. Nach dem 11. September brach Omar Bakri in Jubel aus. Der Massenmord in New York sei "herrlich" gewesen und der Times gegenüber erklärte er an 9/11 "Ich bin heute sehr glücklich." Auch die Anschläge in Madrid wurden von Bakri begrüßt. Als ihm die Engländer im Jahr 2004 nach einem Auslandsaufenthalt die Einreise verweigerten, blieb er im Libanon, von wo aus er seitdem seinen islamterroristischen Scheiss verbreitet.

Die englischen Anhänger von Omar Bakri waren seitdem nicht untätig. Im Januar 2007 verhafteten die englischen Sicherheitskräfte eine Gruppe von neun Terroristen, die vorhatten einen Muslim, der als Soldat der englischen Armee in Afghanistan gekämpft hatte, zu entführen, zu foltern und zu ermorden. Kurz darauf wurden Tonbandaufnahmen von Omar Bakri sichergestellt, in denen zu dem Mord aufgerufen wurde.

Es ließe sich viel mehr über Al Mujahiroun und Omar Bakri schreiben, denn es gibt unzählige Verlautbarungen von dem Mann und seinen Anhängern, an denen klar wird, mit wem man es hier zu tun hat. Es gibt Verbindungen zu Al Qaeda, zur Hamas und Hisbollah, enge Beziehungen zur Islamic Thinkers Society in New York und anderen Dschihadisten. Hier soll jedoch lediglich deutlich gemacht werden, dass es sich tatsächlich um die ideologischen Frontkämpfer des globalen Jihad handelt, für die es ganz selbstverständlich ist, dass sie auch selbst irgendwann den Suicidebelt umschnallen.

Im Internet versammeln sich die Anhänger Omar Bakris auf einer Seite namens Islambase, die vor kurzem von russischen Hackern ins Visier genommen wurde. Für einige Tage zeichneten sie die Bewegungen von Nutzern der Seite auf und kamen unter anderem zu folgenden Ergebnissen:
Apart from some visibly interesting communications between members, which can't be printed here because they could be used in court (the British authorities monitor Islambase and have an eye on certain individuals), what the Russians' work does is show what the extremists get up to in their spare time (when they're not posting hatred and terror glorification on Islambase). Some of the activities are hardly what you'd expect of individuals supposed to be religious; let alone aspirants to Taliban Islamist Puritanism. Several Islambase members were caught in uncompromising situations by their keystrokes: two male members and one woman stand out.

The woman, who goes by the name of Umm Sulayman and is accountable on the Islambase site for a post entitled Ramadan message from Belmarsh (a British jail currently housing many Islamist extremist prisoners) spent hours on her computer just a few days before Christmas doing some shopping at the supermarket Sainsburys online (a penchant for American Coca Cola and chips, I see) and reading that kafir bastion, the BBC news website, for more than half an hour. It was where she went after catching up with the news that is most interesting: first to a celebrity site where she caught up on a story about Britney Spears and then - clearly on a buying spree - she popped into the online lingerie store Agent Provocateur, where, after leafing through the "adventures" section, she then put in her credit card details for 1 pair of Love briefs before deciding that £48.00 + Package and posting was perhaps too much for a pair of invisible knickers.

Abu Jihad - recently responsible for a gloating post on Islambase about the five British hostages in Iraq, which he summed up with the beautifully scribed "When Jihad beckons no Fatwa is soughts Fatwa on the Day of Jihad is blood"- likewise spent an age online a couple of nights before Christmas.

Popping in and out of Islambase, he too sought regular refuge in the BBC news website, as well as on Youtube where he watched the footballer Thierry Henry score a goal against Brazil (didn't the Taliban shoot people for playing football?) before watching Salma Hayek on Letterman in an interview where she discusses her breasts. It's at one thirty in the morning when the real Abu Jihad appears and turns to the website Pandora'ssecrets.com where he logs in (clearly a regular site user) and spends forty five minutes flitting between sex stories; not male stories but female ones. There's no movement at all for a long while, then the escape button is hit and the computer is turned off at half two, before switching on again in the morning to check the BBC headlines again.

But it's Islambase's Hamza who shows himself to be the least likely pure Islamist. He is the most regular poster on Islambase and when he's not glorifying terror or insulting Jews, Hindus, Kafir and everyone else on the face of the planet, he's posting Global News stories, designed not to pierce the Islambase bubble - nice stories about how well Al Qaeda is actually doing (really...promise!) and how corrupt the West is (his favourite posts are about paedophiles and men having sex with bicycles).

Hamza requires a psychiatrist but none advertise themselves on Islambase. Luton-based Hamza uses a network computer and a private one - he's caught on both. What he gets up to on the private one is most fascinating:

In one keyboard impression trail, Hamza shows himself up as a genuine sicko; visiting the site Strangeland.com, he goes to a section entitled Death Flix and watches a video called "Leftovers from suicide bomb", then a video called "Iraqi execution: WARNING GRAPHIC" before tucking into some "Franz Reichelt Jumps Off the Eiffel Tower with his Coat Parachute and Dies". He then switches to Strangeland's porn section where he watches several short clips including: "Wifey in the shower", "Trapeze titties on Titty Tuesday", "Pedifile's Punishment" and "Santa's Jugs".

After seventeen minutes on Strangeland, he goes for something even more hardcore on a site called Puretna. Clicking on "TNAFlix full length streaming porn movies for free!!!" he then clicks on "Long Videos" and starts browsing by category. I won't print here the results of the category search he undertakes but - according to the Russians - the categories he searches through include "Gay/Bi-Male", "SheMale/Trans" and "Home Made". One stream is particularly indicative of Hamza's online desires:



Not my cup of tea - but then I'm not a perverse fake jihadi Islamist living in Luton off fraudulent benefits and sleeping - oh so - alone at night.
So vertreibt sich also die Creme de la Creme der Dschihadisten die Zeit. Es ist tatsächlich so, wie man immer vermutet. Wenn das der Omar Bakri wüsste, dann wäre er vermutlich ziemlich sauer. Aber wer weiß, welche Seiten der besucht, wenn er sich im Internet herumtreibt.

(Via Jawa Report)

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