Gaddafi: Diktatur im Sicherheitsrat!

Die Satire ist tot. Die Realität hat sie schon lange eingeholt. Jüngstes Beispiel: Ein Diktator kritisiert die Diktatur bei den Vereinten Nationen.

Escorted by muscular female bodyguards dressed in desert-colored khaki and caps, Gaddafi criticized the current United Nations structure in which five countries -- the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia -- have veto powers.

He said the U.N. General Assembly, at which virtually all of the world's states are represented, should be the executive body of the global organization, not the smaller Security Council.

"Why are we asking for democracy in countries, when there is dictatorship in the U.N. (and) if we can't establish democracy in the world parliament," he told academics and diplomats.

(Hat Tip LGF)

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